Updated 26.10.2023

12 March 2009

How Far You Ride

Ages ago we posted the EU statistics about how far people in different countries ride on average each year. I found these updated statistics for 2007 through a fine blog about cycling in Vienna called Cycling is Good For You.

These stats are for 2006. They differ slightly compared to our post back in 2007. I can't figure out when the previous stats stats are from. May be 2006. Some numbers are up, some are down. Marginal differences though. Except Denmark now takes first place, up from second.

Anyway, stats are fun.

Denmark: 954 km
Netherlands: 879 km
Belgium: 329 km
Germany: 298 km
Sweden: 277 km
Finland: 256 km
Ireland: 186 km
Austria: 173 km
Italy: 159 km
Great Britain: 84 km
France: 81 km
Greece: 77 km
Luxembourg: 31 km
Portugal: 29 km
Spain: 27 km

Other countries outside of the EU:
Japan: 354 km
Switzerland: 287 km
Norway: 164 km
USA: 33 km