- Bicycle Culture by Design: Mr Hembrow Esq.

No, that’s not Mr Hembrow in the photo but it’s a photo he took. If you haven’t checked out David Hembrow’s blog - A View From the Cycle Path - then please do. David is an expat Englishman who lives in Assens, Holland. Besides being a fourth generation basket weaver - producing wicked bike baskets by the way - he is a brilliant bicycle advocate and blogs regularly. Here at you get a bit of big cityness and David really shows how things are in an average Dutch provincal city. Well worth a visit.

David, Marc from and myself jokingly refer to ourselves as The Axis of Wheels in a world dominated by sporty bike websites. We highlight the everday deliciousness of established bike culture in each our own way. Three pillars of normalcy in a world of gear-dependent chaos.

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