Updated 26.10.2023

24 January 2009

Dreams on Wheels World Tour

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The Dreams on Wheels exhibition of Danish bicycle culture was seen by a couple hundred thousand people in the main Australian cities through the last half of 2008 and now the exhibition has morphed into a bigger and better version 2.0. It has been given wheels and has just rolled into Edinburgh yesterday. Anthony Robson from .citycycling took some shots at the premiere.

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You can see it at the Royal Botanical Gardens from 24 January to 21 March 2009. Here's some more info about the exhibition from Copenhagenize.com and here's some more info from the Danish Cultural Institute in Great Britain.

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If you love the photos here on Copenhagenize and over at Copenhagen Cycle Chic, you can see them up front and personal at the exhibition since I provided the photography - a few hundred photos in all. You can see Danish bicycles and learn about how we developed our bicycle culture.

Dreams on Wheels will be visiting many cities around the world throughout 2009. I'll keep you posted.

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The exhibition consists of ten white boxes which each contain a Danish bicycle from the likes of Velorbis, Pedersen, Christiania bike, Biomega, etc. In each box are photographs from a different Copenhagen location to compliment the bike.

There is also a large black box adorned with my photographs of cyclists and a selection of quotes by me about Copenhagen and our bicycle culture. Inside is loads of inspiration and information about Jan Gehl and the cycling city of Odense and other good things.

Here's an earlier post about Dreams on Wheels