The Life-Sized City Blog: Vote For the Bicycle!

Just a quick note to say that you have the chance to vote for the bicycle, now that many of us are still in election mode.

My friends at Baisikeli - the development programme here in Copenhagen that sends used Danish bikes to Africa in order to create a sustainable circle in communities - are shortlisted for an Idealist of the Year award here in Denmark.

Here's the link if you fancy voting for them. They are number three on the list if you scroll down. Just click on the button that reads 'STEM' to vote. No registration is needed.

The competition is comprised of good projects, but it's not every day you can vote for the most efficient machine ever invented and help out African communities.

Here's a Google translated version of the page above.

Baisikeli are currently preparing to send another couple of containers to Africa and will be there when they arrive. Next year they are planning a massive overland trip from Denmark to East Africa with six trucks loaded with bicycles.

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