Promoting Cycling - BBC and UK

Here's a funky little 'ident' for BBC 1. An 'ident' is tv industry jargon for station identification. The little logo bits that show up in between programmes. Quite a nice advert for the channel. Colourful, slow bicycle riding in the rain from the Beeb. A soggy critical mess :-). I quite like it.

Thanks to William for sending the link. He's Chairman of the Colchester Cycling Campaign. Colchester is one of the designated cities in the UK who have recieved national funding in order to copenhagenize themselves.

Here's a photo of the launch presentation of Colchester Cycling Town. John Grimshaw of Cycling England (purple jacket) is handing a glass plaque to Norman Hume, transport chief of Essex County Council. All very nice, but lo' and behold... second from right... a Copenhagenize T-shirt! On William, no less! Well chuffed, I am. Well chuffed! Good luck to Colchester.

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