The Life-Sized City Blog: NYC - LON

So... commuter cycling [i hate that phrase] is soaring in New York. An increase of 35% between 2007-2008. Here's the NYTimes blog ref.So... is it true? Let's hear from the New Yorkers among us. Is it 'all that'?

And here's an article from The Independent in London. All about the different 'tribes' [what a stupid phrase] in the blossoming bike culture. So... aren't they just cementing the sub-cultural view of cycling by merely dividing them all up into more sub-sub-cultures? Not exactly mainstream, now is it? Not when you slap labels on people. A step backwards or a good move presenting these people to the readers?

Many people are just 'Londoners' who happen to ride to work by 'bicycle'. THAT is the goal for the normalisation of bicycle culture. Lack of labels. Oh, and 'bicycle gear' for the majority, of course. But you knew I'd say that.

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