Updated 26.10.2023

15 November 2008

High Season For Bike Culture Advertising

Big Arse

What with the rain and wind of autumn it is high season for free bike seat covers in Copenhagen. You'll often find your bike seat covered with an advertisment when you return to it at the bike racks in the city centre. Usually in areas with a high concentration of parked bikes.

The cover above reads, "Hey! Does my ass look big on this?" It's an advert for a cream cheesy kind of product in a new 'light' version.



Here's an older cover with an advert for Aalborg University.


A new advert for an organic soft drink.

Advertising in a Bike Culture

Outside a university building the seats were covered with adverts for a job and career fair.

City Hall Bikes

Outside the city hall there was a I Bike CPH seat cover. And an advert on a politician's bike for the Budget 2009 negotiations.

Bike Seat Cover

You can wait until you get a free bike seat cover or you can just pop out and buy one, like this polar bear head.