- Bicycle Culture by Design: Promoting Cycling in Style

Speak of the cycle devil. Thanks to the readers who fired off this excellent advert for the French tyre company Hutchinson - making tyres since 1890!This is a splendid advert with all the right moves. Great portraits of two different styles of cyclist. A little flirty flirty going on - although really... the guy would probably have better luck with a punked out chica on her own fixie while the girl would aim for a dapper chappie. But hey... it's fiction.All in all, it is exactly the direction in which we need to head if we're to promote cycling as a positive, sexy transport option. Bravo, Hutchinson.In a moment of cheekiness we whipped up a Copenhagen Cycle Chic remix of the advert...
Hutchinson Tires Urban Video - Copenhagen Cycle Chic Remix from Colville Andersen on Vimeo.

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