The Life-Sized City Blog: Hutchy - Gas Prices

A bit of bikealicious funkness from Hutchy about Gas Prices. Cool bikes, cool vibes. Nuff said.In completely unrelated news...My niece in Westside, BC, Canada [next to Kelowna] sent me this piece of local news. "The District of Westside is trying to address what it calls a 'lack of cycling-friendly infrastructure.'The municipality is in the process of developing a cycling network master plan and hope to get public input in shaping the plan."Residents wishing to cycle to work, school or local shops have very little more than paved shoulders along roads with fast-moving cars, noise pollution and carbon emissions. Visitors wishing to tour the area on bikes are greeted with the same environment," claims the municipality in announcing the development of the master plan."An improved cycling network, including cyclist-friendly bike lanes and off-road bike baths for commuting would be a further step in defining Westside as a community conducive to healthy and active living."A public consultation workshop will be held Wednesday, October 8 beginning at 6 p.m. in the Mount Boucherie Community Centre.

The aim of the workshop is to bring cyclists, cycling groups, members of the general public, politicians, First Nations representatives and business people together."

It's quite a holiday area, being semi-arid, orchard-rich terrain - Canada's fruit basket - but it's still fantastic that small communities in the middle of North America are working towards Copenhagenizing their communities.

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