- Bicycle Culture by Design: Promoting Cycling - London

This is quite a brilliant advert for cycling, made for Transport for London. Say what you want about the actual infrastructure in the city, this advert really makes it look enjoyable and effortless, which is the point when promoting cycling.And if you live in a region that is torn about the helmet issue, this advert shows how to promote cycling without touching on the issue. Really well made and gorgeously shot.Oooh. These are cool. Anybody else remember these? The advert is from 1966, but I remember them from my early childhood in the early 1970's. Man, I want one bad. My son and I would have a blast.


Boston ANTI-Promotion

And then in Boston, the coppers will nick your ride if you're caught without... shockhorror... a helmet. "If you're young and ride a bicycle through town without a helmet, you may end up walking back home. Police here are looking for scofflaws and will snatch the pedals from your feet if you've been warned numerous times but still forgo headgear.

Holliston police, frustrated in trying to drive home the point that riding without a helmet is dangerous and illegal, are hoping the tactic will finally get the attention of young riders."

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