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And what does the esteemed panel think of this one?Is is a corporation trying to win brownie points by getting on the bicycle trend or is it a good, pure message? I like the fact that it's normal people on normal bikes in normal clothes. People looking happy as they ride and transporting stuff around, including pets.

Generally a thumbs up from me. Although the right-wing pro-helmet website wants you to put helmets on your dogs if you cycle with them, so Kaiser Permanente must hate animals. :-)

And that shot of people running in the street without helmets seems a little irresponsible. They're in the street for god's sake. They're running faster than the bike. :-)

Okay, I'll shut up now. Although since this video has a feeling of bike share to it, at the beginning anyway, I'll mention the hurdle faced by cities - especially those with helmet laws - who wish to implement bike share programmes like the one in Copenhagen, Paris or 60 other European cities. They don't know what to do about helmets. You can't share helmets for obvious hygiene reasons. The whole idea about bike share programmes is the 'ease of use' and the spontaneity factor. Here's an article about it at The Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation. It's an interesting point.

Safety in Numbers

Daniel sent us this link to an article at Science Daily about the Safety in Numbers concept regarding cycling.

Dr Rissel says transport authorities should highlight the fun, convenience and health and environmental benefits of cycling, rather than what he views as an undue emphasis on danger and safety messages, which can deter cyclists: "We should create a cycling friendly environment and accentuate cycling's positives rather than stress negatives with 'safety campaigns' that focus on cyclists without addressing drivers and road conditions. Reminding people of injury rates and risks, to wear helmets and reflective visible clothes has the unintended effect of reinforcing fears of cycling which discourages people from cycling."

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