- Bicycle Culture by Design: New York and Back

Just got sent this piece from today's New York Times about Denmark and how America can learn from this little country.

Coincedentally, there was a piece on bicycle culture in New York City on one of the national news shows the other evening. It was about how New York now has their first bike lane. Admittedly, the tone was akin to, "NYC just got... get this... a bicycle lane!", presented with a crooked smile.

It was all about the bike lane[s] and about how more and more people are cycling in New York City of late. They interviewed the owner of a brewery in Brooklyn who rides to work and several cyclists on the streets.

It was actually cool to see so many cyclists not wearing helmets. It's actually a good sign. It means that there are cyclists who feel safe in the traffic and it is, for me, a reassuring sign. Just like seeing so many cyclists in Paris.
Seriously? Bike pictograms with a helmet?! That's just goofy.

This guy says, "I ride everyday. It's safe." Sure, he's wearing a cycling jersey, but he's half forgiven because it's Team CSC - and they're Danish.

A traffic expert was interviewed. She confirmed the increase in bikes and said that many people are abandoning their cars and taken public transport. When asked if New York could be a new Copenhagen? "That would take an enormous change in peoples' behaviour."

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