The Life-Sized City Blog: Link Roundup and Dreams on Wheels

Having a look at my inboxes I realised that I'd better do a link round-up quicksmart. Thanks to everyone who sends us links and tips. Here goes.


First of all, the Dreams on Wheels Exhibition on Danish bike culture wrapped up in Brisbane and is now heading on a tailwind to Melbourne. Rightly so. Melbourne is the Australian city that is doing the most for bike culture. Melbournians can see the free exhibition at The Atrium, Fed Square from 12-19 August 2008.

Can somebody please take lovely photos at the exhibition - especially of the posters that feature my photos?! :-) More on the Danish Embassy website here.


A cool bike rack design competition in New York begs a click if you have secret blueprints for the ultimate bike rack on the floor of your bird cage.


Bristol is an amusing blog wherein the proprietor[s] take the piss out of bad driving/parking practices in Bristol. "We use satire rather than abuse because it is more entertaining to read, and we get a bigger audience, and because many of the scenes are so funny.

The team at “The Bicyclist” web series in Portland would like to invite you to tune into the show, if you haven’t already. The series, which is up to episode #28, follows the rivalries, romances and misadventures of five unlikely free-wheeling friends whose lives intersect through The Recyclery, an actual bike shop on Portland’s Eastside. Along the way, they cross paths with a host of quirky characters simply known as Demon SUV, DUI Rider, Bike Commuter Guy, the Weekend Warriors, Picka Lock, Five Finger Discount, Super Deluxe Rider, and the Lady Dive Bombers.

It's about time we mention Bicycle Victoria - Australia's largest cycling club and a main powerhouse behind Melbourne's modest development of 'Copenhagen lanes', among other advocacy intitatives.


Val is not only one of our favourite readers, he is also The Man when it comes to cargo bikes.

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