- Bicycle Culture by Design: Bricolage, Tryghed and Things Like That

Beach weather continues. Here’s a couple trying to figure out how to stick their credit card in the slot to pay for tickets on the Metro. I love the guy on the left - tattoos all over and riding a cool ladies ‘Sit up and beg bike’ with a basket.

It was a bit busy on the Metro station near one of the beaches yesterday. Many people were heading home in the afternoon. But the trains run every 3 minutes, so there's not much wait if you miss one.

Last Saturday I went for a Slow Bicycle Ride, hosted by Baisikeli - the bikes for Africa boys - and one of their friends. Not officially a Slow Bicycle Movement ride, but it is now. Afterwards there was beer and a DJ outside the Baisikeli shop. So very cool, casual and cosy.

Ironic how so many people write to us about how impossible it is to get skirt guards - 'frakkeskaaner' or coat protector in Danish - and here in Copenhagen they just lie around on the cobblestones.

Over at Copenhagen Cycle Chic today we have a piece about 'tryghed' or feeling safe/secure on the bike lanes of Denmark. It's a bit of a buzzword here. The World Health Org and the EU and the European Cyclists Federation have published documents about how to increase this feeling of safety for cyclists and pedestrians without legislating or promoting bike helmets. There is a lot of good energy being put into it.

If any of you are interested, Marie and I have a Facebook group to accompany our anti-legislation/promotion campaign at We would love your support, if you see fit to support us. It's in Danish, but don't let that frighten you. And you'll be helping us in our fight here in Denmark, based on our current bike culture conditions - so you don't have to jeopardise your position on your current conditions by supporting us.

We even started a funkalicious merchandising line - totally non-profit - to accompany the website. So if you're in the market for some ethnic and exotic Danish language t-shirts or bags, have a look here. We thought we'd funk up the debate a bit.

Our new logo.

We're not so fussed about swear words in Denmark. They don't have the same stigma attached to them here. Basically, it says, 'Fuck off, I know my facts'. :-)Which is what we're gunning for - getting Danes who have never had a debate on the subject before to have a look at the facts so they can decide for themselves. Danes are traditionally a very thorough people. Very informed about current affairs and incredibly engaged in politics and in the local community. We're hoping they'll extend that tradtion to this debate.

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