The Life-Sized City Blog: Simple Niceness and an IKEA Update

I love this. There is no need for a little ramp here. It requires no great effort to get your bike from backyard bike racks to the street.Nevertheless, some Copenhagener deemed it necessary and cosy to make one. They used time and effort for this little bit of niceness.Every little bit helps.UPDATE

Regarding our previous post about IKEA's collaboration with Velorbis in loaning out bikes and trailers from their big box stores, here's a little update.The first IKEA in Copenhagen to loan out the bikes is in Gentofte, north of the city. Since the programme started, IKEA reps from Sweden, Germany and China have flown in to visit the Gentofte store and to see the Velorbis bikes and trailers in action.The response has been overwhelmingly positive, so here's hoping the idea spreads quicker than a Dane can dismount a bicycle.

Read more at the website for the programme FREETRAILER.DK

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