Updated 27.10.2023

03 June 2008

Advertise On Bikes in Copenhagen

Bike Messenger

Danish Bike Messenger on the bike lane in the heart of the city. A Christania Bike for larger deliveries from Budstikken.

We have posted many photos about how bikes are used as advertisments in the urban landscape. A new Danish company is taking it one step further. Sponsorcykler.dk - or Sponsor Cycles - is providing an attractive way for companies to advertise in the city.

Even better, families can get a new Nihola cargo bike for basically half-price - 7000 kroner - if they sign up and agree to keep the adverts on the cargo box for six months.


As we described a few days ago, using your bike for adverts is a given. Your bike is on the bike lanes all day long. Dropping your kids off at school/kindergarten/daycare, then off to work, then to the supermarket and back to get the kids, and so on. You are visible to the traffic - cars and bikes - for long periods of time during each day.

Sponsorcykler.dk, the company who is arranging this marriage of convienence between advertisers and families itching for a cargo bike, only accepts ethically-sound products with an environmental angle, which is extra cool.

So, while we're in a cargo bike phase, here's a couple of images:


Having a chat as they ride.


Three rickshaw type bikes in Nyhavn - tourist central - vying for punters.