- Bicycle Culture by Design: New Haven - Cycle City

Portland deserves a lot of attention for their efforts in building bike infrastructure and generally increasing bike culture in their city. But we were pleased to have New Haven, Conneticut brought to our attention.

The graph above is from the Design New Haven website showing a possible corelation between cycling activity and rising American gas prices. Interesting reading.

For a small city there seems to be a beehive of activity regarding cycling and generally increasing quality of life. They have a 1.8% bike usage rate, which is, in America, very presentable.

Elm City Cycling is a website of local bike advocates.

Bike New Haven is another cycling blog with a fantastic tagline:

"Because cars and poor city planning cannot be the apex of human innovation."

The City government has some info on building bike lanes and greenways on this site.

Momentum Magazine has a feature about the city here.

New Haven! Nice to meet you!

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