- Bicycle Culture by Design: Public Transport Sharing

A great underground initative in protest at the rising prices of public transport. “Pass Your Ticket On - Movia [the company that runs the busses] is raising the prices but we’re lowering them! Ticket prices for busses and trains have again risen, this time by 5% - together we’ll lower the price of public transport.If your ticket is still valid when you’ve finished your journey, place it here so that your fellow passengers can have a free ride.Yes to good and free public transport. No to more cars.Warm regards, [Socialist Youth Front]"

There is a clothes peg glued into place so you can place your ticket there.I love a bit of urban activism.

Life at a Traffic Light.

This bike is in one of the bike sheds at our flat. I've taken a photo of it before, but today I pulled it out into the sunshine for a better shot. All dusty and cobwebbed, but cool.

A classic Pedersen.

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