Baskety Cycleliciousness

In Copenhagen a bike basket is a proper art form.Add it, adorn it, adore it!

Two classic customized chic Copenhagen baskets combining raw natural wicker and delicately manufactured plastic flowers.

This type of green plastic box, 'Mælkekasse', is normally used for milk delivery. It is often seen on mopeds and has thus become an icon of overweight cigar-smoking men... On this race bike, however, it seems to combine flashy and sturdy.

I passed by this basket in my street. The nature-like sprouts are made out of plastic, complete with bits of fake soil in the ends.

Glitter 'n' glam!Parisians have also discovered the vast possibilites of basket art.

Bike Box Bricolage at Centre Pompidou

This basket was in solid black rubber. The newspaper claims to have the answer as to 'Why Paris needs the Green' - an environmentally friendly party.

A real green fake grass basket.

We strongly encourage you all to get yourself an individual basket solution. Find more inspiration in our former posts on Hembrow's bespoke baskets, ANTBIKE, Personalised Bikeness and Flower Box as well as beautiful basket shots at our sister blog, Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

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