The Life-Sized City Blog: The Triobike in Action

Classic Copenhagen supermum on a classic Danish cargo bike. [although my wife is the superest of supermums…] - The Triobike. Three in one. You can ride as seen above, you can detach the bike and push it like a stroller or you can pop a front wheel on the bike part and use it as a regular bike.Just be sure that you’re looking frightfully stylish while you ride.

I’ve heard the Dutch have started making cargo bikes lately. Which is nice, of course. The more the merrier. [yes, we’re teasing you Henry!]

Because we horribly biased towards Danish brands, we’re always keen to point out that Denmark is the spiritual home of the cargo bike. Over 70 years ago the Long John was being used to transport goods around the cities.

The number of brands and makes has only increased through the years. The Short John, the Christiania Bike, the Sorte Jernhest, the Nihola, the Trio, the Kangaroo and so on.The cargo bike is enjoying a massive revival these days as parents opt for one to transport their kids around town and to carry the groceries home. And even though they are expensive, they are still a fraction of the cost of a small car.We have numerous posts about cargo bikes.

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