Updated 26.10.2023

27 February 2008

Stockholm Bike Culture

While the Swedes rule the world of self-assembled, cheap, particle-board furniture, they can't compete with Copenhagen's daily cycling masses. Nevertheless, our brethren across the Straight still adhere to classic European bike culture. I spent a couple of days in Stockholm and was pleased to see that their bike culture is alive and kicking. Just like in Copenhagen, it's cyclists wearing normal clothes, riding normal bikes and just getting on with it.
Here's some photographic details from the streets of the Swedish capital:

Stockholm Cycle Chic02

Chic Stockholmer in the drizzle.

Stockholm Cycle Chic16


Stockholm Cycle Chic15

Now here's a city that is quite sure that their century-long cycling history will survive. Carved in stone, no less.

Stockholm Cycle Chic06

Stockholm is a hilly city, but that is no excuse to stop riding.

Stockholm Cycle Chic11

Snakeskin tyres! So very cool. As seen on the bike below:

Stockholm Cycle Chic10


Stockholm Cycle Chic19

A Danish import... cycle ramp on a set of stairs. Ramps on both sides and stairs in the middle.


Stockholm Cycle Chic03
Stockholm Cycle Chic07
Stockholm Cycle Chic08


Stockholm Cycle Chic09
Stockholm Cycle Chic13