The Life-Sized City Blog: Slices of Copenhagen Cargo Bike Life

I was running some errands the other morning, on a brilliant sunny day in the mid-winter. It was chilly, around freezing with a wind chill that took it down to -15 C.Here's a series of cargo bikes I saw on my way:

City Hall Square in Copenhagen on morning. He's riding either a Sorte Jernhest [Black Iron Horse] cargo bike or a Bellabike.

A Bellabike making the crossing over Nordre Fasanvej.

One person adjusting the iPod to find the perfect sunny winter's day music and another contemplating the light changing on his Nihola.

A Winther Kangaroo hanging with friends in the bike rack.

A couple of Copenhageners commuting together. He's on a classic Short John delivery bike.

Dad on his way to work after having dropped off the kids at daycare with an older Winther Dolphin trailer.

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