The Life-Sized City Blog: Copenhagen Newspaper Delivery

Copenhagen Newspaper Delivery, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

There has been a proliferation of free newspapers in Copenhagen. It all started with the Swedish Metro Express and now there four free newspapers battling for the hearts and minds of the public.Every morning there are people standing next to the bike lanes all over the city handing out free papers to cyclists and pedestrians. If you want to get rid of papers, the busy bike lanes are the place to do it. On this stretch over 20,000 bikes will pass in the course of a day.The chap in the photo is a Brasilian who is now a famous sight on the City Hall Square, dancing and singing and flying about like a ballet dancer cum breakdancer to ensure everyone gets a paper.

Music blaring on his ghetto blaster atop his cargo bike provided by his employer Nyhedsavisen - The News Paper.

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