Updated 30.10.2023

15 January 2008

Bikes We Like: Umberto Dei

We're not quite sure how this bike has evaded our bespoke bike radar until a mate of our in Italy brought it to our attention. We're glad he did.

There isn't a great deal of info on the information superbikelane on Umberto Dei's bikes. Which is rather cool in a way. That is a trademark of truly bespoke products.

The brand has a history it seems, which adds to the allure. This is from a 1988 catalogue:

"It happened in the year 1896. The Lumiere brothers had just invented cinematography and Guglielmo Marconi had created the wireless telephone when a little artisan, fond of cycling and extremely meticulous, made his first series of bicycles. His name was Umberto Dei.

"That was the beginning of a marvellous adventure that led him to create a collection of bicycles which were considered among the best in the world. Their level of quality and perfection was so high that the brand Dei became world-known: everybody longed to have a Dei bycicle and win by riding it.

"Umberto himself had a leading role in the track World Championships which was held in Berlin in 1901. The Dei racing bicycles won everywhere and were on top of the scene for nearly half a century, receiving many honours in the most important cycle tracks of the world."


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The company now focuses on stylish city bikes that easily rank high in the burgeoning luxury bike market. Above is the Imperiale Uomo - what a fantastic name.

The list price is €1300, which is not at all bad for such fine lines and quality.

We're itching to get our hands on one.