The Life-Sized City Blog: Bikes We Like: Scooter bikes from Likeabike

There is one image on the streets of Copenhagen that is decades old. A parent walks behind a wobbly kid on a bike, holding a broomstick shoved between the back forks under the seat. The kid is learning to ride a bike. It’s a wonderful sight and that broomstick idea is cheap, easy and effective.There is, however, a new generation of bikes for kids learning to ride. Called ’løbecykler’ in Danish, or ‘running bikes’, I guess we could call them scooter bikes.They are quite cool and they are brilliant at teaching kids the basics of balance and motor skills involved with cycling. No pedals, just their little legs pushing them along and braking, although some makes have hand brakes.

There are literally dozens of makes on the market here in Europe but the ones that seem to be making the biggest skidmarks are the products from Likeabike. Clean design and lovely materials, the German Likeabike looks smart on the sidewalks and playgrounds and is sturdy enough for the wildest kids.We love the wooden models like the 'Wing' pictured at the top but there are also groovy models for the rowdy rugrats among is, like the 'Jumper' pictured below.

You can slap the kids onto a scooter bike from a very young age and besides having a blast, they'll learn how to ride a bike without even knowing it.Which is a big thumbs up from us.Prices start - on the UK site - at £110.

Likeabike's UK site.

Likeabike's US site.
Likeabike's German site.

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