The Life-Sized City Blog: Bike Lights 24-7

The country’s second largest party, the Social Democrats, have proposed that all new bikes are delivered with bike lights in place.
The cycling spokesman [yes, our political parties have cycling spokespeople] suggests that this will reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists who have forgotten their lights at night.

The Danish Cyclist Union supports the initiative, although they don’t think a law is necessary if bike shops start doing it themselves.

They also suggest that the buyer gets to choose the lights, instead of a standard set, because personal choice is important. This will also increase safety.There has also been talk of legislating use of bike lights 24 hours a day. In Scandinavia, and in the Netherlands, among other countries, cars must have their lights on at all times, and it has been so for many years.There was a great deal of research that showed that safety increases if the lights are on in the daytime, too.

There is still no definitive study that shows the same will apply to bikes. Although so many people are now using Reelights- or cheaper copies - so they are lit up during the day, too. Can’t be a bad thing.

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