- Building Better Bicycle Cultures: The Coffee Bike - the future of urban coffee

Actually, I was at a Christmas lunch at Danish Broadcasting Corp. and was rather occupied with the consumption of food and drink when I bumped into Ole in one of the exterior atriums at the broadcaster's headquarters.It's a massive party involving over 2500 people and Ole was invited in to sell espresso coffee to the masses.What a cool bike. Just when you think you've seen everything in Copenhagen, something like this shows up. I had a good chat with Ole, the mastermind behind the concept. All of his coffee-making gear can fit inside the cargo bike and he doesn't need electricity to run the show. It's all run on natural gas.

He tells me he spent ages finding the right gear and, most importantly, the right bike. With Denmark being the home of the cargo bike there were several makes to consider. He narrowed it down to three: the Nihola, the Christiania bike and the Black Iron Horse [Sorte Jernhest in Danish.]

The choice fell on the latter, as it can handle 150 kg in the cargo bay, whereas the Nihola and the Christiania bike can only handle 100 kg.He customised it himself and now rides around to events to sell his tasty coffee.

Go, Ole, go! Danish design at it's best: simple, elegant, practical. We look forward to more mobile coffee bikes on the streets of Copenhagen.

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