- Bicycle Culture by Design: Elderly Alternatives to Cycling in Copenhagen

When our elderly citizens reach the point when they can no longer cycle, we equip them with alternatives, so they can get around town.The last thing we want is for them to be restricted in their mobility. They have a better quality of life if they can still get out and around and shop and visit friends.We saw this funky version of one of the many alternative transport forms down by the harbour in Copenhagen. It’s the coolest little motor we’ve seen in a long time. Electric, of course - this is Denmark, after all.Nice and narrow so he doesn’t take up too much space on the bike lanes - which is where he zips along - and stylish to boot.What a wicked ride. He was hanging out watching the construction on the other side of the harbour and loved the fact that we asked to take a photo.

We have a groovy post over at Copenhagen Cycle Chic about bike culture in Copenhagen and the reasons Copenhageners ride as much as they do. Have a gander. And put in your two eurocents worth.

For the record, most electric vechicles for the elderly or motion-restricted look something like this:

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