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The truth is finally out...

"Last year a survey found Denmark to be the happiest place in the world, based on standards of health, welfare, and education. Now the country's capital is ranked the second most liveable city in the world by the esteemed

Monocle magazine.
When it comes to quality of life, Copenhagen is pretty hard to beat. In fact, only Munich does better in Monocle magazine's recently published survey of the world's most liveable cities.

To sum up the spirit of the Danish capital, Monocle writer Stuart Husband quotes the advertising slogan "there's something modern in the state of Denmark", which in his view "encapsulates Copenhagen's current mood of creative maelstrom and youthful dynamism rather adroitly". Contributing to this sense of dynamic modernity is the new wave of architects, designers and chefs - combined with "some joined-up thinking by city officials" - which has seen Copenhagen reborn with "a bullish mood".

Monocle lists a number of 'metrics' that contribute to Copenhagen's high placing. They include public transport, the extension at the city's airport, the freshly-minted statement buildings lining the harbour, a well developed bicycle network, the café culture, the neither harried nor sleepy pace and design and creativity."

Monocle's Top Ten liveable cities
1. Munich

2. Copenhagen 3. Zürich 4. Tokyo 5. Vienna 6. Helsinki 7. Sydney 8. Stockholm 9. Honolulu

10. Madrid

[From VisitCopenhagen Press Centre]

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