Sort Kaffe og Vinyl - New Coffee Bar in Vesterbro

My mate Christian has opened a funkalicious coffee bar in the heart of Vesterbro. The name says it all: Sort Kaffe og Vinyl or Black Coffee and Vinyl.

The coffee is exceptional. Christian uses only the finest roasted coffee from the lads down at Risteriet in town. There is a sad tendency in CPH to use watered down espresso so that you need a quadruple shot to taste anything. Not at this place. Nice and strong. The way it should be. And reasonably priced to boot.

I've heard so many locals talking about the place. Most of them are sick and tired of the crap service down the road at Ricco's so Sort Kaffe & Vinyl is a welcome addition to the 'hood. Especially for the morning take away crowd. Few cafés are open early so Christian enjoys a mini rush hour of people grabbing and going.

In addition to the coffee the place doubles as a record shop featuring sleazy-listening, moog-pop, electrotrash and acid-folk on vinyl. And the music being played is always vinylised.Well worth a visit.

Address: Skydebanegade 4. A mere 20 metres from Istedgade.

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